Sunday, May 17, 2009

Marketing paying off in Tecumseh

By David Frownfelder
Daily Telegram
Wed Apr 08, 2009, 05:30 PM EDT


To find new businesses and attract tourists, Tecumseh is turning to the Internet and partnerships with universities and business groups.

Aggressively marketing itself is key for economic development in the city, economic development director Paula Holtz said Monday in delivering her department’s annual report at the Tecumseh City Council meeting.

“When we get the opportunity to talk to a business that wants to come to Tecumseh, we leave no stone unturned,” Holtz said.

The city is advertising on CPIX, a major commercial and industrial real estate Web site in Michigan. In addition, the Tecumseh Business and Technology Campus Web site has generated some interest, she said.

“CPIX is being used to market the campus, and checking the (Tech Park) Web site, we found 50 hits recently,” Holtz said.

A joint effort with Michigan State University and the Michigan Corn Growers Association is being explored for the campus. What form that will take has not been determined, as this is in the early stages of development.

“These are baby steps,” Holtz said.

The city recently joined a site selector network that matches up businesses with potential sites. Tecumseh is targeting smaller industrial and commercial enterprises, which add fewer than 100 jobs but are vital for the area’s economy, Holtz and city manager Kevin Welch explained.

Business recruitment is only part of the city’s marketing plan. Advertising in other markets such as Toledo, Jackson and Ann Arbor has paid off in bringing people to Tecumseh to visit. Holtz cited festivals such as the annual powwow at Cal Zorn Park in June, Promenade Tecumseh and the Appleumpkin Festival as examples of how well the marketing is paying off.

“The Appleumpkin (Festival) has really taken off. The past two years we have had record crowds,” Holtz said. “And, the powwow continues to grow.” More here.

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