Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Michigan International Speedway expected to be safety test site

Michigan International Speedway, home of NASCAR racing in Michigan, is expected to become a neutral testing hub for automotive safety technology among competing automakers as a result of a vehicle-testing partnership announced Monday.

The speedway, along with state transportation and economic development officials, announced a partnership that will allow the automotive companies and the state's Department of Transportation to use MIS's racetracks to test what's being called connected vehicle systems.

Connected vehicle systems allow cars to "talk" to one another to prevent collisions and improve mobility and fuel efficiency.

It's unclear how many jobs the new test site might create or retain, but the number could be in the tens of thousands, state officials said.

The speedway in Brooklyn, southeast of Jackson, will be the only place in the nation where automakers can test their automotive safety technology with similar technology made by competing manufacturers, officials said. Learn more.

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