Wednesday, January 28, 2009

South Bend’s High Tech Development Projects Promise Economic Growth

In these tough economic times, many U.S. cities are bracing for change – negative change, that is.

But not South Bend, Indiana.

In fact, the city’s future is looking rather bright.

Defiantly optimistic and audaciously hopeful, the administration of South Bend Mayor Stephen Luecke has seen the city’s future, and it’s high tech.

“This is a transformational time for South Bend,” explains Luecke, whose administration has embarked on a bold strategy to attract and promote high tech start-ups through major investments, strategic partnerships, and infrastructure development. “In fact, it’s critical to provide the kind of environment that will attract new investment, draw world-class talent and create jobs.”

Patrick McMahon, executive director of Project Future, an area economic development organization, adds: “We have a number of initiatives that are coming on line at the same time that are all sending a signal to innovative companies outside of South Bend that this city and region are on the move.” Learn more.

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